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Bishop John and Theresa Cahill


Honor - Reward by Pastor Larry Ragland

3rd Day of Rain (audio)

Yes and Amen Part 1 Bishop John Cahill

Yes and Amen Part 2 Bishop John Cahill

Restoring the Dead Seed 1 Bishop John Cahill


Restoring the Dead Seed 2 Bishop John Cahill


Listen to this inspiring message of how to tap into the Promises to get your prayers answered effortlessly!


February 21,22, and 23 Larry Ragland

Three Days of Rain!


The Rain Teen Center


The Rain




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Pastor Cahill Weekly Sermons from Open Door Fellowship

"The Rain" with Pastor Larry Ragland!

and Solid Rock from Sheepgate!

Linda Smith on the Golden Nuggets Program with Sara Lee

The Plan of God by Dr. John Cahill Preached at New Covenant Ministries in Huntland, TN

Intimacy with God by Dr. John Cahill Preached at New Covenant Ministries in Huntland, TN

The Ship of Worship - by Dr. John Cahill Preached at New Covenant Ministries in Huntland, TN

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Curtis Silcox Message - "Launch Out Into the Deep!"

Next Two Videos are of Jessica, Kelly and Kaleigh singing at Let Freedom Ring

As He Is So Are We - Tracey Meeks

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Gospel Truth Teaching that will Set You Free!

Righteousness is the Key by Tracey Meeks


Church Calendar

Previously recorded Audio Services   


2011/02/06 12 Step Christianity 4 - Pastor Cahill
2011/02/06 12 Step Christianity 3 - Pastor Cahill
2011/02/05 12 Step Christianity 2 - Pastor Cahill
2011/02/04 12 Step Christianity 1 - Pastor Cahill


Casting Crowns - Here I Go Again


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NEW! Grace! By Tracey Meeks

Influence Website


Whats Bothering Christians - Tracey Meeks

"I Need Help With Addiction" Click Here

"I Am Going Through a Divorce" Click Here

"We Need Marital Counseling" Click Here

"I Need to Find Jesus Chirst " Click Here

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